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Why choose CitraElo?

Established in 1995, PT. CITRA ELO RIVERINDO or well-known as CitraElo is pioneered in the whitewater rafting trip business in Central Java and licensed in the business. This legal issue is in the top priority since CitraElo is responsible for the safety and comfort of its customer in all line of services, which also becomes one of guarantees from CitraElo as a tourism company and not a mere hobbyist of outdoor activities.

“Safety is First and Foremost” is CitraElo’s key guide in every trip to maintain its “Zero-Accident Record”. CitraElo serves rafting trips in various levels of difficulty from the beginner class to the higher level of adventurers,thus the safety of all rafting participantsis CitraElo’s first priority concern.

All activities are centered in Base Camp CitraElo in Borobudur Tourism Zone, Magelang, Jawa Tengah. Base Camp CitraElo which lies on the bank of Elo River, surrounded by paddy fields and secluded by a 400-m-private access is one of the biggest rafting base camp in Indonesia. The base camp is furnished with pool with natural spring water, pendopo, restaurant, bungy tower, open spaces for outdoor activities, musholla, sanitary, parking ground and security. The location of the base camp which is isolated from public crowd and the company-owned status (not shared) allows more privacy and space to enjoy. Base Camp CitraElo is close to many tourism destinations and can be reached by driving 5 minutes from Mendut Temple, 10 minutes from Borobudur Temple, 30 minutes from the city of Magelang and 45 minutes from Yogyakarta. Find our location in Google Map in our page at search: CitraElo.

The best thing after the trip is to have a good food served in the countryside atmosphere of the green lush paddy field, river and mountain. Enjoy CitraElo’sspeciality in traditional dishes such as sayurlodeh, sayurasem, grilled fish and many others. Additional or custom menu may be ordered in the reservation.

Yes, CitraElo is supported by a professional team of 10-years-experience who love what they do to their customers. CitraElo treats its customers like a family, thus the warmth and hospitality yet professional service is all we have to offer. Supervision and evaluation of performance is constantly managed by an event manager who is also an assessor of Rafting Federation of Indonesia. Serious? Yes we are! But still, we do it in a fun way for you. We seriously love our passion, the desire to serve you the best.

Base Camp Facilities
  • Mushola
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bungy Tower
  • Open Spaces for Outdoor Activities
  • Pendopo - Riverside Rest Area
  • Riverside Restourant
  • Parking Ground
  • Sanitary (Toilet & Shower)

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September 18, 2016
Kolam Renang CitraElo Base Camp Pool Sungai Elo

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